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Hairy Situation movies

Hairy Situation

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Product description

The Bug Rangers are trying to earn their latest merit badges in this adventure that puts one of the little friends into the midst of a big dilemma! Cosmo, who thinks he's doomed to be "just a brainiac," suddenly comes into possession of The Bulging Muscles Badge... and discovers he has all kinds of athletic abilities he never imagined. Is the badge giving him this newfound power? Well, Squiggz sure thinks so. In fact, Cosmo's on the verge of giving up his friendship with his old pals, when Grandpa Lou tells the story of a fellow named Samson, who mistakenly believed his strength came from his long, flowing hair. But very soon, Cosmo will have to learn this lesson for himself when he faces a major crises: Does the power to save his friends lie within him? Or does it come from the merit badge...the badge he has since lost in a hairy situation of his own? Item No: 17246 Vendor: Word Entertainment

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