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Mysterious Islands : Surprising Journey To Darwins Eden movies

Mysterious Islands : Surprising Journey To Darwins Eden

$22.50 - Reg.$25.00
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Product description

At the far end of the world, there exists a strange paradise, steeped in controversy. Join this surprising journey back to Darwin's Eden-the mysterious Galapagos Islands-and uncover their true secrets. The Mysterious Islands is a one-of-a-kind documentary, highly endorsed by Answers in Genesis. It is the story of a teen and a group of researchers who embark on an amazing adventure in search of clues that will expose the truth in a centuries-old mystery. This enlightening film includes spectacular cinematography shot at what some call "ground zero" of Darwinism. It takes viewers to the home of salt-sneezing iguanas, on top of volcanic craters, deep beneath the ocean waves, among hundreds of white-tip sharks, and beside giant tortoises that can live more than 150 years. Seen through the eyes of 16-year-old Joshua Phillips (who joins his father Doug Phillips, of Vision Forum Ministries) and noted researchers like Dr. John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research, this film brings a bold and fresh perspective to the idea of evolution. It answers the question: "Is Galapagos a laboratory for long ages, or a testimony to the biblical account of creation?" while taking the viewer on a rich visual tour of the beautiful islands and the ocean that surrounds them! Item No: 21768 Vendor: Answers In Genesis

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