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Christian Anti-Abortion T-shirt                    Pro Life shirts

Pro Life

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Product description

This bold message: "abortion stops a beating heart" and also "abortion is murder" is hard for a lot of people to read, but it is the truth. The truth is the hardest thing to say, but the most necessary. Surprisingly it's the Christians who justify having an abortion, the verses on the back prove them wrong and say what God thinks of our lives. $2 donation will be made to various pro-life ministries that will help adoption centers or women to support having a baby.

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Fit: Standard
  • Wash Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry cool, do not bleach, do not iron on print.
  • Printed in: USA
  • Produced in: Mexico - Fair Labor Policy
Item No: 11906
Size length chest sleeve
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Product Reviews

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Most Customers Say This Item Fits "True To Size"
excellent! draws attention

- Says this item fits: "True to Size"
Chris: I think its really hard to claim you are a follower of Christ and be anything but pro-life. I can see a lot of people that commented are influenced by the "emergent church" and their whole "lets only talk about Gods love" nonsense. Yes, God is love. And because God is love, He is also a just God. He hates sin. And if you really love God, youd hate sin too. This is exactly something Jesus would say. He isnt some happy-go-lucky hippie who talks about love all the time. Read the Bible and see who the real Jesus is.
Jacob: I support a lot of what you guys are doing, but this shirt is not what needs to be said. I dont believe anyone has a right to say anything about abortion unless you yourself are adopting these unwanted children. Would you rather have these kids have the worst lives imaginable, abusive parents, drugs and alcohol in the home etc? Or would it be better for them to be with our Father? Hard to swallow but something that needs to be asked.
Matty: I liked the short cause of the political veiw. I trikes to buy a smaller size before and was not found. So when I seen I could get the shirt in two sizes bigger. I bought it. I am planing on shrinking it as much as I can so I can wear it.

- Says this item fits: "True to Size"
I really like the message, however, on the front of the shirt, near the heart, it says "Stop a beating heart". There is no "S" so that it says "stops" like it shows on the tag. I feel foolish wearing it.

- Says this item fits: "True to Size"
I like the message, print, and boldness. However, the sizing is slightly off.

- Says this item fits: "True to Size"
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