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Christian Foot Wear                                Logo Slip-On shoes

Logo Slip-On

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Product description

Stylish slip-ons feature heavy washed canvas upper, rubber outsole with vulcanized construction, die-cut cushion insert, and logo embroidery. Item No: 9244
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Product Reviews

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Most Customers Say This Item Fits "True To Size"
Dustin: I feel sad knowing that some people in this world are never happy no matter what the situation is. This product is great and shouldn't be slandered into a product of the world, but a product of GOD. To those who feel that this product is below fair, perhaps we should look at the big picture of what this is representing, instead of making those who want to show Christ some love look bad by saying they look like they are wearing a copy-cat brand of clothing! Lets look at our hearts, are we being copy-cats as well, by having a hard heart like so many others in this world? Or is our heart that of Christ? - Dustin S.
Maren: Actually we shoe designers are Christians, and though they are similar in style (hey we need to be selling what everyone likes and wants to buy!) we do our best to make them unique to NOTW, like with custom fabrics and embroidery! Our soles are actually different from those of converse or Vans, or we would be sued. We like them and hope you guys do too! :) - Maren K.
Jo Anna: Jesus products rock...spread the word any way and which way...prosperity to your line.. jil..seattle, wa - Jo Anna L.
Rob: I'm bummed that Christians keep ripping off secular product and offer stuff lacking originality... Dude... there must be some shoe designers that are Christians. Stop ripping off Vans (with the slipon), Vision Street Wear (for the soles) and Chuck Taylor/ Converse for the hightops... :-( Very sad indeed. - Rob B.
Jonita: i love tha style! really i love tha whole sit i think its about time that we got a site jus 4 our kind the people of tha true and living God - jonita s.
Lynn: Seems the guys have the coolest shoes. LOVE this one and the tree shoe, but I need a 71/2 in men's size and even better would be a woman's size 9. - Lynn S.
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