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Christian diamond bracelet                         Steel Diamond Cross Bracelet bracelet

Steel Diamond Cross Bracelet

Out Of Stock

Product description

  • Each stainless steel cross link contains a 0.005 Ct Diamond (1.00 MM, I2-I3 Round)
  • Weight: 15 DWT ( 23.33 grams). 12 total!
  • Polished stainless steel bracelet measures 8" around
  • Cross links measure 13.8X10.15MM
Item No: 14386 Gender: Mens Material: Steel

Product Reviews

Average Score (based on 2 reviews)
Sarah: I really like this. Being Stainless steel I thought I would be able to get it to show the world That I am a man of god. That I believe that jesus came and died for us. Now I cant even afford the stainless steel. I dont think that the items on this site should be so much. I know that all the money goes to support the ministry< But I feel like if you made the pricees more affordabale then you would get alot more money. Ethier by way of more customers or in donations, I would love to have this. I also love to support and feed my children and when it comes down to it there is no choice. I just wish you would give everyone the oppertunity to wear the thngs that they like instead of seattleing for what they can afford. Thats the #2 problem with the U.S.A. today. The frist is that the GOV took GOD out of everything and the 2nd is that everyone is So consumend with getting more and more money.Thamks though at least you are bringing back the oppertunity for alot of people to show that we stand for our creator and King. GOD JESUS , THE HOLY SPIRIT. Need to be put back out in front of people. My Name is Sarah Millington and I am PROUD TO SAY THAT I AM CHRISTIAN AND THAT WITHOUT GOD JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT WE WOULDENT BE ABLE TO BE HERE SURVIVE HERE AND BE ABLE TO GO TO HEAVEN WHEN WE LEAVE HERE.I THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE AND FOR THE FAMILY THAT HE GAVE ME. THE LIFE HE GAVE TO ME AS WELL.

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